Change Log

Date What's news
2022/05/25 New release: Add Shoes break even day table in different quality and amount.
2022/05/16 New release: Floorprice is realtime price since now, but this function is still on beta version.
2022/05/12 Change GST, GMT, SOL, BNB currency rate from Coinmarketcap to Binance.
2022/05/12 Add Mint shoes cost and profit calculator.
2022/05/10 Add 2 charts: bnc shoes daily minted and total minted.
2022/05/05 Add new page: STEPN Healthy Indexes.
2022/05/04 Add shoes mint probability tables.
2022/05/03 Add Tranditional Chinese version.
Add real-time GST-BNC currency rate.
2022/05/01 New function: Currency Calculator.
2022/04/30 First publishion.